Anschwellen - Abschwellen

A performance-apparatus


A slightly elevated and imposing neo-gothic clock occupies the center of a space ticking steadily.


Over the course of several minutes it slowly unfolds un-expected splendor: a huge crown of peacock-feathers; increasingly flooding the room with sound while doing so. Fully erect, the clock dominates the space for a while to then subside; its feathery crown sinking in front of it.

Eventually all elements return to their home-positions so that another cycle of automated self-augmentation, of algorithmic art referencing basic bodily functions and dominant behavior can commence.

Volkmar Klien - concept, composition, design
Hannes Köcher - head engineer, motor control, sensor system
Jakob Posti - production assistant, feather expert


Thanks to:

Friedemann Derschmidt, Sylvia Eckermann, Philip & Benjamin Klien, Weiping Lin, Gerald Nestler, Chorherrenstift St.Florian

Made possible by the support of: