Capital Must Accumulate - It's a law of nature


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Wientaler Dreigesang (Christine Gnigler, Lorina Vallaster, Joachim Rigler) perform Serenades & Interludes by Volkmar Klien with words by John Barker, Ines Doujak, Gerald Nestler

Wientaler Dreigesang & Mahd

ft. Volkmar Klien (Electronics on Tracks 8 & 13)
Interludes performed by mahd
(Volkmar Klien — Elektronik & Hannes Löschel — E-Piano)
Composition Serenades: Volkmar Klien
Composition Interludes: Volkmar Klien & Hannes Löschel
Words: John Barker & Ines Doujak, Gerald Nester

Example tracks

01. Capital must accumulate

03. Cholera

04. Interlude I

14. Feed me

The texts to all serenades can be found here .

Wientaler Dreigesang & Mahd

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Photos: Igor Ripak

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