Variations in Air Pressure

Violin and electronics
2007 / 54'30"

Music – to all intents and purposes – is a rather ephemeral affair; mere changes in air pressure lacking meteorological significance.

Etymology of the German words ‘Rausch’ (inebriation; ‘the soul’s drunkenness, the delight of the inner faculties that lead to self-forgetfulness’) and ‘Rauschen’ (noise, as in: white noise or grainy noise, or ‘signal to noise ratio’) reveals an intricate linkage between concepts of acoustic noise, intoxication, and intense pleasure.

Published on the CD Variations in Air Pressure (Aufstieg AV / AAV 1001)

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Variation in Air Pressure 01 / MP3
Variation in Air Pressure 05 / MP3 (excerpt)
Variation in Air Pressure 09 / MP3 (excerpt)


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