Aural Codes

Rewiring reality between urban, virtual and radio space

Aural Codes rewires computer networks to AM radio. Data streams at arbitrarily selected points of computer networks in the region are interpreted as digital representations of sound. They serve as sound-sources and process-controls. The sound sources are fed into a dsp-blackbox controlled by the process-controls. Additionally interactive gateways are spread over the local area (serial-sockets on street corners etc.). Thus a hybrid network of possibilities of influences is set up. The resulting stream of sonic events is modulated onto a carrier-frequency and broadcast via radio as a noiseband hidden between all the other noises in the AM range. Every sonic event is information and via the mediator energy-exchange, all information can become a sonic event. Aural Codes is a hearing aid, a hearing aid for listening in its widest sense. Something that originally cannot be heard is transposed into something that – without technical equipment – cannot be heard.

Control device to interact with the AM radio broadcast in real time

Two transmitters for Aural Codes’ serial data communication

AM transmitter mounted on the roof of Hoxton Hall, East London

The artist with one of the serial communication receivers on a roof over East London

Further information under

Concept and direction

Volkmar Klien

Programming the network aspects

Nick Rothwell

Wireless serial communication devices

Michael Wieser

Graphic design

Rafal Kosakowski


Ed Lear, Rodrigo Sigal

With the support of

Arts Council England