Laut Fahrplan / On Schedule

Resisting the power of the facts – A rewiring of reality in real-time

The radio, if bothersome, one switches off. If it’s the neighbour’s radio, that can be difficult. Should the neighbour be the National Railway Corporation rather than the elderly guy without his hearing aid, things get even more complicated. Given that one has no immediate powers over the sounds in one’s environment (it’s what the cricket in the tree is trying to tell us), one should, at the very least, refuse to submit. Especially when all that is heard can be actively re-interpreted. Selective perception is empowerment. A concert on the mainline has been planned; a re-contextualisation according to schedule. A motor coach approaches and is transubstantiated into a beautiful butterfly fluttering away gracefully. Between the heard and the listened-to, listening is the creative act. Laut Fahrplan adds new layers to everyday structures of perception, re-wires reality in real-time and by doing so, frees man from the stranglehold of all-powerful facts.

Presented at

20/09/2008 / VKK Eichgraben, Eichgraben, A

Concept, composition for violin, clarinet and trombone

Volkmar Klien


Thomas Grill