Rezeptionshaltungen / Recipient’s Positions

Assisted excercises in an installative setting
2012 -

In the course of three exercises – individually assisted by the artist – in regards to sound, body, reception and the relationship between artist and recipient, defined positions are taken on dedicated apparatuses. The relationship between the artist and the recipient is – ideally – a deep and intimate one. But also one of power and assymetry. Certain fixtures suggest adequate reception behaviour and require recipients to take positions for sound reception via acoustic coupling. Music – even in heavily mediated form – is a rather bodily affair, which is why Rezeptionshaltungen’s devices are ergonomically formed for increased reception comfort. With the help of structure-borne audio drivers and custom built coupling fixtures sound is directly and physically conducted into the recipient’s body, turning the recipient’s head, fixated into the apparatus, itself into its concert hall.


Andreja Džakusic, Brane Zorman, Volkmar Klien

With the support of

Wien Kultur