Tondenkmäler der Tiefbaukunst in Österreich / Sonic Monuments to the Splendour of Civil Engineering in Austria

A contribution to homeland sound topography

In a generous gesture Volkmar Klien extends an invitation to the environment to be reflected in the noises he radiates. Just as composers compose to reflect their feelings, their lovers’ beauty or their hearts’ desperate sorrow in music, Volkmar Klien blasts out loud, unrelenting and somewhat forceful noise from speakers mounted on his ruby red car’s roof, not simply to reflect just a feeling, but the physical environment as such. In the same way that things do not need to be lamps to be visible, physical objects do not have to emit sound to be heard. All that is needed for their shapes to be reflected in audible information is a reasonably loud acoustic signal directed towards them. Through noise the Sonic Monuments to the Splendour of Civil Engineering in Austria transpose audio visually landscapes and buildings into moving panoramas as well as phonoramas.

Presented at

14/06/2013–06/01/2014 / Kleiner Barockkeller, Stift Melk, Melk, A

A production of

Interessensgemeinschaft Aufstieg

Concept and idea

Volkmar Klien

Technical direction and artistic assistance

Hannes Köcher

Consultancy technical realisation and production

Florian Prix/cat-x

Graphic design

Rafal Kosakowski

With the support of

Niederösterreich Kultur – Kunst im öffentlichen Raum
Wien Kultur
Stift Melk