Violin, viola, clarinet, trumpet, trombone and electronics
2005 / ~70'

Loosenings – a strict daily routine of loosening. Inevitably lacking discipline, the routine gets neglected; sleep is nurtured. Still, once in a while a nice achievement. Five instruments, one mathematical model of the human vocal tract. Effortless control over muscles, breathing never an issue. “Cricothyroid slowly from 0.1 to 0.17!” – Levator Palatini under highly virtual tension. Yet the sphincter is ever loose.

Published on the CD Lockerungen (Aufstieg AV / AAV 0601)

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Lockerung 24.02.2005 / MP3 (excerpt)
Lockerung 27.07.2005 / MP3 (excerpt)
Lockerung 23.06.2005 / MP3 (excerpt)
Lockerung 25.07.2005 / MP3 (excerpt)
Lockerung 21.07.2005 / MP3 (excerpt)


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